Stacey C. Stevens, MS, LMHC


We are not broken,

just bent

​​​​One of my primary goals in working with clients is to empower personal choice and responsibility.  One  effective way to do this is to provide an opportunity for each individual to create a quote symbolizing his/her own journey;  whether it involves courage, strength, love, forgiveness, compassion etc...

These quotes can be used as a personal mantra.  It is remarkable how one client's quote can become another client's mantra.  When this occurs, the clients' sense of "aloneness" tends to diminish, and realization of  healing begins.  Below, are a few inspirational quote's  from clients!

"A Trauma Therapist is someone who helps kids with bad milestones in their lives."
                                                         T.K., ~ age 12
"EMDR is really hard, but you can go really far, farther than in a car, but still EMDR is Hard."
                                                          T.B., ~ age 17
"Family is: Laughing, Talking, Communicating, loving and respecting with each other."
                                                          P.H., ~ age 17


I  have been a practicing clinician in the Buffalo area since 1997.  After receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from SUNY at Buffalo, and a Masters Degree from Canisius College, I was fortunate to have worked for leading local mental health agencies. In 2007, I opened my own private practice where I  specialize primarily in working with  those affected by trauma and anxiety disorders. This includes counseling those who have been affected by sexual abuse.

"We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance."

      ~HarrisonFord (1942).  Quoted by Gary Jenkins in Harrison Ford: Imperfect Hero 

Counseling services are provided to children, adolescents, adults, individuals, families and groups. I have worked with clients on a broad range of issues including attachment, anxiety, coping, grief/loss, sexual abuse, sexual boundaries, stress management, issues related to divorce and trauma therapy.
Clients are often referred through educators, social service agencies, colleagues, physicians, attorneys and courts of law.

I  am an EMDR therapist with Cognitive Behavioral Influences. I  am also an EMDR Approved Consultant and do provide EMDR consultation for other clinicians. To learn more about EMDR, please visit

My counseling sessions are provided in a relaxed, comfortable setting conducive to open discussion.  Through dialogue, writing and focused feedback, clients are offered a chance to look at their lives and circumstances from a new perspective leading toward change.

My treatment approach is direct and honest.You've got a story to tell, and here's where you can do it in a safe space!